2013 has been an important year for our organization.

We promised some time ago the start-up of our new website and finally this happened this year and we may say that the website is now operational for almost 90 % but we are still working on it very hard in order to extend and to improve. Besides and in order to improve this site any constructive remarks are very welcome.

Furthermore we started up a new database of all players and interested in our web site.
This year has also been the year of the creating of ACC, the African Carom Confederation who joins our family with no less than eight member-federations. Next to this an important restructure has been fulfilled in the Asian Confederation ACBC with the creation of a complete new board.
On the sportive side we noticed also some important changes, one of the most of them is the application in the Three Cushion discipline of the full matches to 40 points with equalizing innings (and penalties when necessary).  Already today we may conclude that a great majority of fans, visitors, organizers, players and media are very satisfied about these changes. At the end of next year the system will be definitively evaluated.
During this calendar-year we have also noticed the start of two new World-Cups for the next three to four years: Athens (Greece) and Medellin (Colombia).
Torbjorn Blomdahl played one of his strongest seasons and was by far the winner of the 2013-WC-session, while a sublime Frédéric Caudron won the World Championship in a fantastic and plenty arena in Antwerp (Belgium) with in total almost 8.000 visitors.
Finally we see also in general growing the number of players that are performing in an unbelievable way with averages and higgest runs that have never been so high. Our congratulations to all of them.
On behalf of the whole board (that I wish to thank personally for the very strong collaboration) I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and much happiness for you and your family. I hope in particular that the playing of and watching to our sport will bring you much satisfaction next year.
Jean-Claude Dupont

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